a) Admin Policies and Procedures : Team of experts at Krest Facility Services will provide complete set of Admin Policies and Procesures customized as per client’s requirement. (Transport Policy, Physical Security Policy, Food and snacking Policy, Travel Policy, Clean Desk Policy, EHS Policy, Business Continuity Policy, Fire Safety Policy, Procurement Policy, Facility Helpdesk Policy, Concierge Helpdesk Policy or any other policy and procedures required by corporate.

b) Ergonomics Survey and Training : Long working hours, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits leads to many diseases which hampers the productivity of employees. Krest Facility Services provides comprehensive Ergonomics services to the employees (One to one counseling at Workstation, demonstration of setting up height of chair, workstation area to minimize physical stress, presentation and demonstration of workstation stretches. A qualified Physiotherapist visits the office for training and counseling.

c) First Aid Training : Timely first aid can save life and reduce health hazards after injury of any kind, heart attack and stroke etc.
Qualified First Aid Trainer provides training and demonstration to the group of employees. Training on CPR and other topics is demonstrated on dummies, relevant videos are shown in the training. A certificate is provided to all participants after the training.

d) Floor Warden Training (Fire Fighting) – Comprehensive training on prevention of fire and Fire Fighting is provided to designated floor wardens before conducting fire drills.

e) Building evacuation drills : Krest Facility Services provides consultancy on how to conduct safe evacuation drills in every office.

f) Business Continuity Management : Krest Facility Services provide end to end solution for Business Continuity Management (BCM) and help clients in effectively implementing the plan in their office to reduce business losses.

g) Outsourcing of Facility Management and Procurement : Krest Facility Services provides complete solution on outsourcing of Facility Management and Procurement of any size of the office.


1. Customized training is conducted to get the optimal solution for the clients.
2. Comprehensive Facility Management Consultancy for designing and executing different policies and procedures.
3. We help in drafting and executing checklists for various functions related to facility and administration.
4. We provide all kind of training for employees for safe and effective working environment.
5. We help our client in reducing time and energy used in managing multiple vendors.
6. 100% compliance. Krest is registered for Haryana VAT, UP VAT, Delhi CST, GST and Service Tax authorities.

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